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Book Review: The Big Interview by Libby Kirsch

Book Review The Big Interview Libby Kirsch


TV reporter Stella Reynolds signs with a new station, excited to move to a bigger city for a better job. When she arrives in Bristol, Virginia, though, she finds a sexist, mean boss, unfriendly co-workers, and a town in love with a sport she’s never even watched—NASCAR! Before she can unpack her bags, Stella is drawn into an investigation when a driver is killed in a fiery wreck on the track.

Experts call his death a tragedy, but Stella has insider information that the accident is anything but.

With a slippery ex-fiancée, an angry father, and a nosy neighbor, you’ll be laughing on one page and gasping on the next. If all goes according to plan, the facts will be revealed during an epic live Big Interview. But when does anything ever go according to plan?

The Big Interview is a standalone book in the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series. If you like a great mystery peppered with laugh out loud moments and cringe-worthy catastrophes, Libby Kirsch’s The Big Interview is for you.

I received a review copy

My Review: 

This is one of those books that you cannot put down. So fair warning, before you start reading this; get some food and something to drink. Because you will have a hard time putting this one down!


The plot was amazing! I kept thinking one person is responsible and then I was proven wrong. Reminded me a lot of Agatha Christie, I have always loved reading her books since she makes the reader believe the person they think is the culprit really is until the last chapter. Then everything changes and makes perfect sense! Is Libby as good as Agatha? No! But if she keeps doing what she is doing, she will get there!

Plot: 4.5/5


The pace, in the beginning, was a little slow for me, but it was good enough to get me to all the action. But when the driver is killed the action begins and the pace is very good! I believe the beginning was slow because she has a lot of describing to do. I loved how she described everything so well, from the cities to the newsroom. It made me feel like I was right there with the characters. I love it when an author can be descriptive without being boring.

Pace: 4/5


Now I loved Stella! She was an amazing MC. Sometimes, though, she pissed me off. There were times I wanted to shake her. Yet, she was the perfect armature detective! I loved her very very much!  On the other hand, there were so many characters! Gosh, it was hard to keep up. So many people in the newsroom, so many people outside the newsroom – so many faces!

Characters: 4/5

The Big Interview by Libby Kirsch is everything I wanted in one mystery, potential love, craziness and amazing writing!

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Book Review: The Big Interview by Libby Kirsch



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