When Giving Up On A Dream Is A Good Idea

When Giving Up On Your Dreams Id Okay

How many times have you read quotes that ‘inspire’ you to never give up on your dreams? There are endless mentors, teachers, and leaders telling you to keep working hard. Asking you to push yourself a little further to make your dream come true.

We are hard-wired to persevere, to never let go. But, this unwillingness to give up can keep us from things we truly want.  It can keep us from being happy and can hinder our growth as individuals.

There are so many decisions that require us to choose between carrying on or letting go – professional goals, educational goals, relationships, the list is endless.

Sometimes continuing to work hard on achieving your goals will be the right decision. Other times, giving up will be the best choice you will ever make. Unlike what the society will have you think, giving up on something doesn’t make you weak, a coward, a failure or whatever it is you tell yourself. In fact, it makes you brave and mature. It makes you someone who isn’t afraid to choose their mental health and happiness.

The idea of giving up may seem daunting at first. But that doesn’t mean you have to live the rest of your life trying to reach a goal that will bring you no happiness. Here are a few reasons when it’s okay to be a quitter:

When Giving Up On Your Dreams Is Okay

You Have Changed

Everyone changes, that’s how life is. It’s okay to let go when the person who set a goal is not the same person you are anymore. It is okay to give up on something you never thought you would. You don’t have to keep pursuing a dream because that’s what you have always done.

It’s Draining All Your Energy

Being tired after a hard day of work as long as it leaves you feeling accomplished is okay, great even.  It’s not okay if in reaching your goals you sacrifice your day-to-day happiness. Remember, if your journey to reach your goal is making you miserable, that dream isn’t worth it.

When Giving Up On A Dream Is A Good Idea

You Are Afraid of What Others Will Think

Holding on to a goal because you are afraid of what the society will think of you if you give up you will always be unhappy. A friend always says you are not responsible for anybody’s misery. It’s not your job to keep the world happy. It’s okay to let go of the expectations other people have for you.

Leaves You Feeling Worthless

Following a dream isn’t a bed of roses, but it shouldn’t make you hate yourself. If trying to reach your goals makes you feel like a failure or makes you feel worthless, it’s time to change the goal. It’s important to find goals that make you happy, not those that tear your apart.

When Giving Up On A Dream Is A Good Idea

You Daydream About Giving Up 

If thinking about giving up on a goal or a dream fills you with relief, it’s a sign you should take seriously.  If the idea of living a life without the need to fulfill a dream lifts a weight off your shoulder, it’s a good enough reason to find a new goal.

You are not perfect at everything and it’s okay to not keep everyone happy. Give up if you need to. Sometimes, that is the best thing you can do.

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When Giving Up On Your Dreams Is Okay

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