Book Review Policy

Welcome to Fervently Curious, I am so glad you are considering working with this blog.

I am currently ACCEPTING review requests

Genres I Love To Read and Review

  • YA of any kind
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mysteries & Thrillers
  • Fantasy
  • Magical realism
  • Books with a focus on racial and gender diversity

Genres I Will Consider For Review

  • Contemporary fiction
  • Romance
  • Middle Grade
  • Picture book / Artbook
  • Non-fiction

Genres I Won’t Accept

  • Erotica
  • Sequels to series I have not read

Accepted Formats : Print (preferred) and eBook (Kindle)

I understand if it is difficult to ship a book all the way to India. Therefore, I am open to whatever format of book you are comfortable sharing.

How I Review

I cannot guarantee how quickly I can read and review books. If it’s an ARC, I will try my best to review in or around the release date. If the date of the review is important, let me know and we can work something out.

Just because I accepted your book, doesn’t guarantee a review. Either due to lack of time, or simply not enjoying the book, there will be times when I will not put up a review.

I usually only accept books I think I will enjoy. However, I am very honest in my reviews and I do not guarantee a positive review because I accepted your book. I will publish a review regardless of the rating. Any comments I make are in no way a remark about the author.  

All of my reviews are cross-posted on Goodreads and promoted on social media (Twitter and Instagram).

Promotional Features

Author interviews: I will only do these for authors I am familiar with or whose books I am interested to read.

Giveaways: I will occasionally hold giveaways to pass along ARC’s that I have read and reviewed. If you do not want me to give away your review copy, please let me know.

Guest blogging: I am interested in guest blogging on OTHER blogs and I will accept guest bloggers with topics I am interested in and that are relevant to my site.

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